We promote sustainability through responsible strategic management, communication and awareness. Our lines of action are:


Edda Li Puma

Executive Director

SustentADN was born in 2010 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as an initiative of the social communicator Edda Li Puma. After years of experience in the corporate world in companies such as Coca-Cola FEMSA, Telecom Personal and Citibank decided to offer their knowledge for advice to companies, CSOs and industry, public from a disruptive and innovative perspective in people management, internal communication and social programs.

Currently at SustentADN we are a network of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in sustainability, environment and communication, passionate about promoting responsible leadership in organizations.

As the DNA that stores and transmits from generation to generation all the information for the development of an organism, our commitment is to communicate and generate positive impacts inside and outside of organizations. We accompany your management as partners in your growth.

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Our commitment to the 2030 Agenda for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) focuses on the following topics:

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    Good Health and Well-Being

    We promote healthy work environments through partnerships with initiatives related to mindfulness and well being.

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    Quality Education

    Our training aims to mobilize and generate reflections linked to the logic of sustainable leadership.
    We also promote research on sustainability to expand knowledge on the subject.

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    Gender Equality

    In our trainings and internal communication proposals, we invite our collaborators to reflect on the power that diversity produces and respect for human rights.

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    Responsible Consumption and Production

    In our internal communication proposals, we invite employees to become aware of the importance of reusing, recycling and reducing the use of resources.

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    Climate Action

    Through the production process of the sustainability reports, and also in the internal communication campaigns and training, we make sure to raise awareness about the environment in the day to day.



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